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Each Y Club participant must submit a complete set of emergency information materials, waivers, and government license forms prior to participating in the Y Club. You can fax or mail the completed forms to our Association Resource Centre: Each Club Y participant must submit a complete set of emergency information forms, waivers and government license documents before participating in Club Y. Download and complete the appropriate emergency information package for your district. Packages are available at the bottom of this page or on your county`s registration page on this website. If your child attends Club Y, you do not need to submit new emergency information materials to participate in a day program without school. If your child is not participating in Club Y, you must submit a complete set of emergency information materials, waivers, and government license forms before participating in the program. All forms must be completed and submitted in full at the time of registration. Staff will not be able to register your child without filling out all the forms. Registration forms are available at the reception or you can download them below.

If you wish to register online, you will be asked to complete the forms during the online registration process. . There is a late pickup fee of $1 per minute per child. A late pick-up fee is due on site when you pick up your child. This is the only situation where cash payments are accepted. We have updated our health and safety protocol to reflect the policies of school districts, locals, states, and DCC. Because our programs take place in different cities, school districts, and counties, policies may vary slightly from site to site. Our operating protocols include: Hand sanitizer will be available. Children and employees always wash their hands outside immediately after games. .

We follow state laws that require us to maintain a ratio of 1 to 15 employees per student. In many cases, our staff-to-student ratio is only 1 in 10. When we learn of a positive case of COVID-19, we follow the guidelines of the CDC and the local Department of Health. . A late fee of $20 will be charged if the indicated fee is not paid by 6 P.m every Monday. If payment is not received by Wednesday, a notice of termination will be issued and payment must be made in full for the services to continue. Der 16. July 2021 is the deadline to apply for financial aid and start your scholarship on the first day of school. Applications for financial assistance will be accepted after July 16, and scholarships for those who are eligible are based on availability. Please allow up to three weeks to process applications for financial assistance.

Children who attend KEY Academy have more time with their peers to build relationships and social and physical activities. You will receive homework and learning support from trained staff who may have access to additional resources at school. Children will also participate in activities and programs – which change throughout the year – to keep them engaged and enthusiastic. To apply, complete the Garden City Family YMCA financial application. In most cases, this is due to the fact that there is no date of birth in your account or that your email address has been added to your child`s information. Log out of your account and contact the Youth Development Services Office at 816.360.3390 to update your information. . There is an administration fee of $25 per child to handle registration changes, by . B a change of location, type of care (full-time or part-time), payer or program (before school, after school, or before and after school). Please keep a copy of your completed emergency information package to bring to a website without a school day or bad weather. Students receive a healthy snack of fruits and/or vegetables every day after school. Water is the main drink.

Only the staff serves snacks at this time. Camp management is also trained in non-violent crisis intervention and verbal de-escalation. A parent or guardian is called to pick up the child immediately. Yes. Scholarships are awarded separately for our Y Club and summer day camps. You must apply for financial support from the Y Club for each new school year. If you have ever participated in YMCA programs and have never received or forgotten your credentials, click Forgot Password and fill out the prompts to reset your password. If your email address is not recognized or if you do not remember the email address associated with your account, please contact the Youth Development Services Bureau at 816.360.3390 to update your information. To maintain consistency within the program, the Y Club is not able to adapt to rotating schedules. All program participants must be continuously enrolled in the program. The fee is based on registration, not participation, and the fee is not prorated if your child is unable to attend. While online registration is recommended, you can download and complete a printable registration form for your location below.

In the event that Club Y services need to be closed by the school district or government office for a certain period of time, 50% of the program fee may be charged to ensure the continuity of the program. Yes. All of our school-age and early learning programs, including the Y Club, comply with the laws and regulations of the Kansas Department of Health and environment or the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. Yes. Students have time to start their homework and receive support from Y Club staff. The electronics assigned by the school can only help with homework. Children and staff have mandatory hygiene breaks to ensure that hands are washed frequently. The YMCA of Greater Kansas City has carefully followed the health and safety protocol to reduce the risk of COVID-19 in our programs, including summer day camps for more than 1,100 teens per week and our school year programs for 1,200 teens per day. The School Day Out and Break Club programs are designed to give parents and guardians the opportunity to close schools. By offering all-day child care to children aged 5 to 12, these programs provide a safe and comfortable environment for children and the confidence of parents and guardians that they can stick to their normal weekday schedules or handle seasonal demands without worrying about how their children will fill their days. There are no administration fees for general account changes, e.B.

change of payment method. We believe that every child can benefit from a summer camp experience and we are committed to never rejecting a child for financial reasons. To ask for help, download the form on the left. Payments are due one week in advance for payments at school, by phone or online. .

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