What Is a 0.4 Teaching Contract

Yes. Part-time teachers may assume some or all of the responsibilities associated with an LRT position. If they fulfil part of this responsibility, they should be given a reasonable share of additional contactless time as part of their working time, so that wage regulations provide them with a reasonable share of the LRT payment. When part-time teachers assume all the responsibilities associated with an LRT position, additional contactless time may be allocated to increase this contract working time to the level required to ensure that they receive the full value of the LRT payment. The directed working time of part-time teachers is calculated in the same way as their salary – comparing the hours they worked with the STTW. For example, a part-time teacher who works 15 hours of teaching in a 25-hour STTW is entitled to 60% of the reasonable full-time wage rate. The wage rate is calculated based on the amount that the part-time teacher would receive if he or she were employed full-time in the same position. The percentage of the full-time wage rate must be calculated on the basis of the “School Scheduled Teaching Week” (STTW) – the total weekly salary of part-time teachers (revised: teaching hours September 2021) – and the proportion of hours that the teacher considers to be workers. If the school is doing a schedule cycle of more than one week, the calculation should cover the entire cycle. If different schedules are made for different parts of the school, separate calculations must be made. Due to the extra holidays in 2022, the annual number of hours in the STPCD this year is 1258.5 instead of 1265.TheQuel part-time teacher should therefore be available to work for a maximum of 755.1 hours of directed time (60% of the 1258.5 hours of “directed time” that a full-time teacher must work contractually each year). Of these, there would be a maximum of 570 hours of teaching time (15 hours for 38 semester weeks) and a maximum of 185.1 hours (755.1 hours – 570 hours) for directed time for non-pedagogical tasks.

I have a four-month-old child and I intend to take a full year off. I`m a teacher and I originally wanted to go back for three days, but the more I think about it, the more I want to ask for only two days. Does anyone have experience with a dramatic reduction in hours and what was the reaction of the school? I understand that they may not even accept my request. I just feel like I`ve had a child and I want to raise it in my own way. Not that she was raised by her grandparents. (Who are more than willing to take care of them on the days my partner and I work). I calculated how much I would earn, and I think we would only manage the mortgage and bills with my salary and that of the partners? I feel that such a life would make me and the little one happier than being able to pamper ourselves with a higher income. Am I stupid? § 3 The STPCD recommends that the regulation of schools for the assignment of part-time teachers should avoid any treatment that could constitute unlawful discrimination (STPCD Section 3 of the Legal Guidelines para.

79). The NEU will strive to ensure that part-time and full-time teachers are treated fairly and consistently. It is essential that all contractual arrangements entered into are in full compliance with the Part-Time Workers (Prevention of Less Privileged Treatment) Regulations 2000 (as amended) and the Equality Act 2010. See below for sources for more advice and support. Yes, as long as the direction is “reasonable”. The STPCD provides that part-time teachers may be required to perform work that is within the limits of their assigned time, beyond that indicated in the school`s teaching week, and that is appropriately assigned each day or part of a day on which they are required to work. (STPCD 2021, paragraph 84). For example, teachers who only work in the morning may be asked to accept non-pedagogical tasks after the end of the afternoon session, for example. B as attending a session. However, these instructions must be adapted to the circumstances. Consideration should be given to the impact that asking a part-time worker to work outside of school sessions will have on his or her obligations and responsibilities outside of work. I teach and fell to 0.44 after the birth of DD.

Financially, I`m on a little less than half of what I was before, and while we`re not thin, we`ve had to tighten the portfolio. However, DH works long hours and I would really struggle to take care of DD in addition to all the school work, parenting parties, program nights, etc. On the other hand, I would probably earn about the same as now if I went full-time for child care expenses, so it wouldn`t benefit us financially. As PP said, I feel out of the loop, but I get the best of both worlds this way. Your hours of work are proportional to those of a full-time teacher. If you are at 0.4 FTEs, your work week would be 14 hours with a maximum class contact of 9 hours (0.4×22.5), 2 hours of college time and 3 hours of personal allowance for preparation and correction. Contactless time would be the difference between the student day(s) on which you are employed and your maximum class contact of 9 hours. Contract hours, including lesson contact time, are a weekly maximum. See Section 8, on-call calculation in Annex 3 and Annex 4 of the Working Time Agreement Yes.

All teachers, including part-time teachers, are legally entitled to a PPA time of at least 10% of the scheduled class time. In some schools, teachers have traditionally been given a higher percentage of contactless time, and the STPCD states that this should not be reduced to a PPA period of at least 10% by introducing the law. Part-time teachers in these schools should receive a similar percentage of contactless time as their full-time counterparts. The following guidelines apply to part-time teachers employed under the School Teachers` Remuneration and Working Conditions Document (STPCD). Teachers who are employed in many independent academies and schools on part-time contracts may find that their employment relationships are different from those mentioned in this document (and often even inferior). If you think about it logically (especially in primary school) for any teacher who wants to work 0.6, they ideally want to find someone who wants to work 0.4 – so you should ask yourself Is there anyone else in your staff who might want to give up for a few days? Puts you in an even stronger position if you provide a “solution” while addressing what could be considered a problem. If you`re a primary schooler, the teacher who works more days is often perceived as the “teacher” of the class, and some of us humans would struggle to “not be responsible.” Other OTOH – for example my partner Jobshare when I became PT – are happy to transfer this responsibility more to the other person. The STPCD model for calculating the salaries and hours of work of part-time teachers is fair. If the STPCD does not apply, teachers are advised to negotiate with the employer to agree on a part-time teaching policy similar to that set out in the STPCD. Part-time teachers employed in accordance with the provisions of the document on teachers` remuneration and working conditions are entitled to remuneration in proportion to the rate of pay they would receive if they were employed full-time in the same position (including the item in the basic salary table and all additional payments and allowances). The point of the teacher`s salary scale must be calculated on the same basis as for all teachers in accordance with the STPCD regulation and the school`s salary policy. We didn`t fight financially as such, but our savings didn`t grow as much, which worries me, but I`d still prefer to keep my 0.4 contract.

I was temporarily doing 3 days a week and it made a big difference in terms of work-life balance for me personally, I prefer 2 days instead. However, I feel trapped in my current job as I am looking for other nursing jobs, but I cannot find less than 30 hours and they are not interested in me applying and applying for job sharing etc. I certainly would if you could! Yes, you`re right about less taxes because I`m only on the main salary scale 3, I think that means I won`t pay taxes at all because I won`t be above the threshold. Thank you Jennie1978, that`s what worries me, I`d hate to miss it first or this first! Think it`s worth tightening the wallet threads, let`s just hope the other half agrees! Yes, but this is not good practice. § 3 StPCD advises in § 86 that schools should try to avoid such scheduling models that create unpaid “closed time” and also effectively prevent such teachers from exercising another profession. I`m not a teacher, but I`m a nurse and I`ve gone from full-time to 0.4 because I want to be at home with my DCS as much time as possible. You are not stupid at all! However, it`s hard for me to keep up with the pace at work and I think it`s eroded my confidence because I still feel like I`m catching up and not really being part of the team. Also, be prepared for derogatory comments from your colleagues about your working hours, etc.

I was lucky that my former manager allowed me to waste my hours and feel that it was the right decision for me. Good luck! I did 3.5 days (0.71) for years and I liked the balance. Work 3.5 days, 3.5 days off. And yes, it still left me “responsible” for the class as the main teacher, which suited me very well. Do it. I was 0.4 for 4 years after my son was born and it was fantastic, the workload was so simple. I felt a little out of the loop, but TBH was better than working more hours. Now that he`s started school, I`ve gone to 0.6, but I wish I had stayed at 0.4 as I find the extra day had a big impact on work-life balance.


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