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In addition to the tax advantages offered by the investment incentive code for developers, any Tunisian residing abroad who wishes to create an economic project can benefit from the complete exemption from duties and taxes due on the importation of equipment, work equipment and capital goods necessary for the realization of his project, and a truck. Once their situation is settled, these cars and motorcycles will be registered in the Tunisian mineralogical series, with the lifting of any transfer ban, says the same source. I bought a car a Peugeot 106 and paid its customs duty of 25%. I would like to know if I still have the right to the FCR regulation Hello, thank you for this info. I have never used my Tunisian passport since 2012. I use omn French passport for my A/R. (I had to renew it because I lived far from the Consultas of Tunisia in France). Is this enough to prove a residence of less than 120J/year in Tunisia? to know that we are returning to Tunisia for at least 10 days/year (except 2020). Also, can anyone tell me the link on the customs website for conditions/procedures? I can`t find it. As the car was new, we took out good insurance for the first 2 years.

Hello First of all, I want to thank you for this very important article. I live abroad but not in France and I intend to buy a car this summer, but it is my brother who will take care of whether I or a carrier will take care of it. I wanted to ask you if you have any idea of the procedure to follow in my case, if there are other documents to prepare? And do they also ask for proof of the origin of the money used to buy the car? Thank you very much The Tunisian living abroad who makes his final return has the choice between two types of franchise: on your arrival in Tunis, ask for a moving permit. In fact, the queue for the declaration of cars in the FCR regime is very long. So, I advise you to tell yourself that you will come back for the holidays if you do not ask beforehand if it is a car import. Otherwise you have no choice, DO NOT LIE! So for transport by car from France you have the choice between 3 ports: Marseille, Genoa, Rome (port Civitavecchia) at an average of 5h30 from Marseille by car. When we had to take the boat, we chose the latter because much cheaper than the other two: 120 € for 3 people with a cabin in winter (February). In fact, don`t expect a high standard at all. Tunisians residing abroad can benefit from the tax advantages related to the purchase of a private car or a commercial vehicle that do not exceed the cargo of three and a half tons (3.5 t).

You can benefit from the total or partial tax exemption, depending on your choice. In case of partial exemption (FCR), the vehicles will be registered in the normal Tunisian mineralogical series. I only returned to Tunisia 1 time in 2015 and only once in 2018. . . .

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